Indie Author Interviews: Jack Fisher

I was introduced to Jack’s writing through our shared writing group Berlin Fiction Circle. His straightforward, readable language style and sharp, specific observations of social nuances gripped my attention and always made me excited to read his work. Now the first book The Liberty Arms of The New Society trilogy is available on Amazon, alongContinue reading “Indie Author Interviews: Jack Fisher”

Indie Author Interviews: Michelle Medhat

In April 2019, Michelle Medhat launched her genre-smashing breakthrough novel The Trusted. One year, four books, one novella, and a whirlwind of a story later, she published the finale of the series, The Sum. Michelle has broken down all expectations of genre fiction and created her own unique series that combines the best of theContinue reading “Indie Author Interviews: Michelle Medhat”

Websites for Writers: 10 Best Online Resources

Thousands of online resources claim to be the best websites for writers. But how do you know which ones are worth your attention? And sometimes your money. Thankfully, we have a tried-and-tested outline of the most useful websites and software for indie authors. From writing to editing to marketing your book, you can depend uponContinue reading “Websites for Writers: 10 Best Online Resources”

Indie Author Interviews: J.D. Weston

Action thriller author J.D. Weston flew to self-publishing success through his Stone Cold Thriller Series. His books consistently rank in the top 100 in Organised Crime, Hard-Boiled Mystery, and Vigilante categories on Amazon. They make a huge impact in the action thriller world and reach audiences far beyond the genre. Readers love it. The fast-paced,Continue reading “Indie Author Interviews: J.D. Weston”

Marketing Your Book: Social Media for Writers

Many indie authors begin the journey of self-publishing a book because they love to write. So the dire importance of marketing can come as a shock. Completing a manuscript is an important milestone, but it is still far from the end of the road. Marketing your book is one of the most important steps alongContinue reading “Marketing Your Book: Social Media for Writers”