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Time and time again, indie authors agree on the most difficult part of self-publishing: marketing. You might have a brilliant manuscript, an eye-catching cover, well-formatted with beautiful illustrations, but if you’re not marketing it, no one will ever see it. The hard truth is: marketing is vital. There is no way around it. The good news is, we’re here to do it all for you.

You are the writer, so write! Let us take care of the rest.


Indie authors need branding. That’s why we consult with you to find out what look, style, and message you want to portray, and establish your desired online presence before moving forward.


Every indie author should have an author website, where new and existing readers can stay updated on their latest release, blog posts, social profiles, and links to where their books are sold and promoted.


We strongly believe book trailers are wildly underused by indie authors. Video content is a brilliant way to capture readers’ attention and promote your book in an exciting, animated way.

Social Media

Every indie author should have the top three social medias: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But every hour spent on social media is another hour not spent writing. So we’ll do it for you!


SEO-written blog posts are a great way to bring in new readers and engage with the self-publishing world. This way, you have content to share on social media and a presence on Google.

Email Marketing/

Readers like to know what you’re up to and working on. To connect on a more personal level with readers, send us your updates and we’ll write your newsletters and promote your new projects.


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Ceri provided much-needed professional and efficient promotional services over a period stretching several months. I found her awesomely artistic, most helpful, and blessed with excellent time keeping. I could not ask for more from Savage Edits. When my fourth novel is released early next year, there is no doubt that Ceri will again be fully involved in the marketing and book promotion. I am keenly looking forward to be working again with this competent and trusted company.

John Anakwenze

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