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We manage all your social media so you can focus on doing what you do best – writing

Every indie author should have the top three social medias: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The problem is that managing these platforms takes hundreds of hours of commitment and engagement. It demands time every single day. The results are well worth it. You grow a worldwide audience, make alliances with other authors, create a tight circle of superfans, and direct new readers to your books. But every hour spent on social media is another hour not spent writing.

You are the writer, so write! Let us take care of the rest.


Facebook has a large user base and a wide demographic. It is vital for connecting with other writers via indie author groups, and if your reader has only one social media account, it’s most likely Facebook.

Twitter is all about immediate content and what’s happening right now. You need to post 2-3 times more often than on other social medias. Twitter is necessary for keeping up to date with indie author trends.

Instagram is huge for targeting younger readers. But it’s not limited. Readers of all ages love the aesthetic images and interactive fun of Instagram. It gives you the chance to show the lifestyle of a writer.

Monthly Rate
  • ✔ Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • ✔ Brand establishment
  • ✔ Account set-up
  • ✔ Frequent engagement
  • ✔ Regular posts
  • ✔ Campaign management
  • ✔ Organic growth
  • a
Monthly Rate
  • ✔ Facebook
  • ✔ Twitter
  • ✔ Instagram
  • ✔ Brand establishment
  • ✔ Account set-up
  • ✔ Frequent engagement
  • ✔ Regular posts
  • ✔ Campaign management
  • ✔ Organic growth
  • ✔ Paid growth


Indie authors need branding. That’s why we consult with you to find out what look, style, and message you want to portray, and establish your desired social media presence before moving forward.


Creating accounts can be a tedious process but should be done with care. We ensure your accounts work together as a seamless social media whole and your profiles are clean, clear, and concise.


We engage with your audience multiple times a week so social media algorithms keep you at the top of people’s feeds and front of readers’ minds. We are not bots – every interaction is organic and personal.


Social medias favour profiles that post regularly. We find out the best times to post for your audience on each platform. So you provide original content to your followers at the perfect moment.

Campaign Management

Campaigns pull in new followers and engage with your existing fan base through creative and coordinated strategies to raise brand awareness, push successful launches, and connect with your audience.


The more you engage, the more your following grows. We do that organically by individually posting, liking, commenting, and sharing. And paid growth means promotions and ads reach a wider audience faster.

Ceri provided much-needed professional and efficient promotional services over a period stretching several months. I found her awesomely artistic, most helpful, and blessed with excellent time keeping. I could not ask for more from Savage Edits. When my fourth novel is released early next year, there is no doubt that Ceri will again be fully involved in the marketing and book promotion. I am keenly looking forward to be working again with this competent and trusted company.

John Anakwenze

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