Writing Coaching

Knowing how to communicate purposefully and meaningfully through language is an invaluable skill

Our team of writing coaches work with you over an extended period of time to improve your writing skills in a gradual and organic way. Perhaps you want to refine your use of creative language. Maybe you need the external discipline to finally finish that book. Or you might be a business owner who wants to know how to better communicate with clients. Either way, improving your writing skills is an infinitely useful life skill.

Writing Plan

Your coach firstly asks you about your wishes and aims then creates an individualised writing plan to systematically help you reach your goals.

Writing Prompts

We present regular writing prompts to help you avoid writer’s block and keep your writing original and challenged so you avoid traps like cliche and laziness.

Language Analysis

We analyse your writing from an outsider perspective, noticing your use of language techniques to perfect communication to your audience.

Regular Feedback

Regular feedback will improve your writing step by step and help you learn from your mistakes and develop your strengths going forward.

Set Deadlines

This is the discipline many writers need and your coach will ensure that you have the gentle but steady pressure necessary to get words down on the page.

Time to Talk

We offer consistent communication and one-on-one attention, meaning you develop a relationship with your coach who learns your skills and styles.

It was my good fortune to work with Ceri over the course of several weeks. Her assistance with my collection of short stories was invaluable. She tells you what is working and why. For what is not successful, she offers insight and provides valuable suggestions on how to improve the content, and she does so with encouragement and support. She is a valuable resource for any writer seeking honest criticism. I highly recommend her.

Charlene Mertz

Your writing journey starts today